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Nickname: 66js69gmailcom
Eye color:Green
Height:193 cm


Deplore scam sites and people. I have been scammed so am hyper cautious now. Cut the crap are you real? Do you want to meet? Profile has stupidly simple clue. But as your all bots or scammers your insults are as a grain f sand n the Sahara. Want to get hot n horny skin to skin contact then don’t be a bot if your real use your brains msg me and first one may get pole in your hole on first date if you desire. I live near Rosebud but travel occasionally to Geelong. I’m open to anything mutually agreed to want to know more? Hmu 69js66 at gmail. com See you are all scammers because if you wanted me you’d ‘e mail me. If you do put from Geelong Sex in subject line. I’m after something different and partner willing to do or try things my wife won’t. commitment i’ve been married over 26 years and crave to experience things wife won’t. If you don’t msg me profile name gives huge hint and above. If your not wanting to meet use this site i won’t reply here :(


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Is looking for

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